We specialize in palm oil plant machinery packing & fillings manufacturing
Our Products

The Weight Filler Model fills bottles/containers to a preset fill weight using a load cell mounted under the bottle rest to directly control the filling pump operation. The weight filler is able to accommodate a wide variety of container and bottle sizes 10kg, 18kg, 20kg, and 25kg.

  • Models weight fp-8

  • Output speed*  min 1200 per hour  (18kg)+/- 0.005 %

Our manufacturing team is well recognized for production of the Specialist of palm oil automatic bottle filling machine in the market. This machine is engineered for strength and long durability performance. Products undergo quality check immediately after production. Through which it is certain that all products are stamped for safety aspects. We are well known suppliers in both national and international markets

Automatic Bottle  8 head oil Filling Machine

250ml to 5kg bottle

speed *1400per hour for 5kg


Semi automatic press on capper machine

Semi automatic press on capper is designed to mount to conveyor or slide tray for use. Capper is activated by auto sensor to press snap caps into place one at a time after being placed and started by the operator. Unit will also press into place various inserts, plugs and bar top corks.

This machine is electro-mechanical integration product with simple and rational structure. The machine can automatically affix self-adhesive labels onto the bottle. In case of bottle absence, the control system of the machine can ensure no label will be dispensed so that waste of label is effectively prevented. The machine can also perform step less adjustment to the production capacity according to the specifications and characteristics of bottles and labels

Sticker Labeling Machines -Stand Alone Labeling

Speed *20-80 per min

Hi-speed servo online sticker labeling machine

Speed *100-200 per min



Vertical packaging machines suitable to make bags starting from a flat foil reel, combined with volumetric dosing for liquids. These machines are also available in special versions and in fully stainless steel construction Asia 304. Suitable to pack, edible oil.

Models measure pack x2

Output speed*  min 20 per min

Specially designed hardened heat sealing jaws and cutting mechanism for strong and oil free sealing of Nylon / LLDPE, OPP / LLDPE, aluminum foil or any laminated plastic film.